Guitar and bass tab notebooks

May 2021

Grijben announces the release of its first publications, a quartet of blank tab notebooks. The range includes the Guitar Tablature Notebook for six-string instruments, which comes with a cover illustration of either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, the Bass 4 Tablature Notebook for four-string instruments, and the Bass 5 Tablature Notebook for five-string instruments.

Each notebook includes 120 numbered pages of tab staves. The Guitar versions have 6 blank staves and 6 blank chord diagrams per page, while the Bass 4 book has 9 blank staves and the Bass 5 book has 8 blank staves per page.

The pages feature space at the top to write song title, tempo, etc., and there is space between the staves to write lyrics, picking patterns, chord names, fingering, note lengths, etc.

Each book includes a blank Contents Page spread to help you keep track of your songs.

A book trailer for the guitar/bass notebook series (see Books etc. > Music).

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