Welcome! Grijben [gɹaɪbən] is an independent non-fiction publisher.

Based in Europe, Grijben publishes in print and e-book format worldwide,
with a focus on books for the English-speaking audience.

Grijben is a traditional publisher.

Author submissions

Grijben welcomes unsolicited manuscript submissions from authors of non-fiction on any topic. 

To submit a manuscript for print or e-book publication, please write to the email address on the Contact Us page.

Grijben follows a traditional publishing model*. In brief, that means once a manuscript is accepted, we prepare the work for publication (including editing, proofreading, and design), publish it, and market it. The author receives royalties based on sales (typically 10% for print and 50% for e-books). 

 *Grijben does not offer hybrid publishing, self-publishing, or vanity publishing services.