Book release: The Polish Alphabet

January 2022

Grijben announces the release of its new book The Polish Alphabet: the Symbols and Sounds of Polish and an accompanying video series.

The Polish Alphabet unlocks the mysteries of Polish spelling and pronunciation. Beginning with the sounds of the 32 letters of the alphabet, including the ‘accented’ chararacters (ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż), the book is ideal for new learners getting to grips with how written words relate to their Polish pronunciation.

As well as basic letter combinations including ch and rz, it covers more advanced pronunciation, such as the different between ś and sz and rules on stress, for those looking to improve or correct their pronunciation.


  • all the letter sounds
  • letter combinations
  • mouth position diagrams
  • how to type special characters
  • punctuation

Sounds are described in plain language, along with phonetic symbols for those that want them. Plus, all the example words and sounds in the book are available to hear online in the video series.

Author James Paul Wallis commented: ‘An understanding of the writing system and pronunciation are a fundamental building block of a language. Although many books on Polish include brief summaries of the sounds of the letters, to really get to grips with the language, you need the full picture. I wrote this book to give the answers I was looking for when I started learning Polish: what sounds the letters and letter combinations stand for, and how to pronounce those sounds.’

The Polish Alphabet is available in paperbook from outlets including Amazon and also in Kindle eBook format.

Paperback: ISBN 9788396173942
e-book: ISBN 9788396173959
For more details, see the Product Details section on the book listing page.

The second in the series of videos that covers all of the sounds from the book.

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