Guitar Tablature Notebook

Blank tab notebook for 6-string guitar players

Keep losing loose sheets of guitar tab? Fed up trying to fit a bulky binder into your bag? Wish you could alter that online tab? Get yourself a blank tab notebook!

A4 size, with 120 numbered pages of 6 blank tab staves and 6 blank chord diagrams.

Space at the top of each page to write song title, tempo, etc.

Space between the staves to write lyrics, strumming patterns, chord names, fingering, note lengths, etc.

Includes a blank Contents Page spread to keep track of your songs.

The 6 lines per tab staff make this notebook suitable for any fretted 6-stringed instrument, such as the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and 6-string bass guitar.

Also available with an electric guitar cover illustration.

Product details
ISBN 978-83-961739-0-4
124 pages
210 × 297 mm, 8.27 × 11.69 in (trim)

A book trailer for the guitar/bass notebook series (see Books etc./Music).